• How did I go from doing polymer chemistry to doing epistemology of physics?
    In two words: by asking scientific questions that lead to that!… but by having a higher awareness of the philosophical issues related to science than the average chemist. Roughly speaking, it is at the end of my chemistry PhD (defended in December 2006) that epistemological questions about the ‘basic equation’ […]
  • Writing history of my first article
    Thus, 6 years will have passed between the idea of exploring the possible link between Zeno’s paradoxes and thermal motion and the final acceptance of the article resulting from this idea. It’s certainly rather long, but it should be remembered that I was starting from almost nothing (i.e. that I […]
  • My current research project and my approach
    In one sentence: First, make ‘fictional’ epistemology in order to propose, in a second time, new unexpected basics for fundamental/theoretical physics. In a little more detail: My current research project in epistemology is based on the following working hypothesis: Could the problems encountered by current fundamental/theoretical physics have their origin […]