Other infos

  • My first peer-review (in HPS)
    This summer, I had the pleasant surprise of being contacted by the editor of the “Journal for General Philosophy of Science” asking me if I would be willing to review a manuscript dealing with one of the Zenon paradoxes. I did not at all expect to be (already) solicited for […]
  • First quotation of my 1st article
    This is not a fresh piece of information since I had noticed it in September 2019 (that is to say before the creation of this site): the first quote of my article on Zeno’s motion paradoxes can be found in a book… of math!! It is in the ‘Notable Writings’ […]
  • My current research project and my approach
    In one sentence: First, make ‘fictional’ epistemology in order to propose, in a second time, new unexpected basics for fundamental/theoretical physics. In a little more detail: My current research project in epistemology is based on the following working hypothesis: Could the problems encountered by current fundamental/theoretical physics have their origin […]