Open Access

  • Guide to non-transfer of copyright
    An essential document to ‘open science’: the guide (for french researchers) of non-transfer of copyrights on scientific publications. A document from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to download here (obviously in French)
  • Open Bibliography #1
    Here is a compilation of (almost) all the articles and books cited in my article Why Zeno’s Paradoxes of Motion are Actually About Immobility. Foundations of Science, 2018, 23 (4), pp.649-679. ⟨10.1007/s10699-017-9544-9⟩ Journal Articles (32) This archive contains the following items: Alper, J. S., & Bridger, M. (1997). Mathematics, Models […]
  • Self-publishing of a collaborative scientific book
    I very modestly contributed (by providing the cover photo free of charge) to a collaborative scientific work edited by my best friend (and two of these colleagues); that of course concerns her area of expertise (phylogenetics) and the joyful particularity of this work is that it did without a ‘classic’ […]