Writing history of my first article

Thus, 6 years will have passed between the idea of exploring the possible link between Zeno’s paradoxes and thermal motion and the final acceptance of the article resulting from this idea.

It’s certainly rather long, but it should be remembered that I was starting from almost nothing (i.e. that I had a big bibliographical research to do), that I didn’t work at all on this article project during my two full time positions in chemistry (which is why I then negotiated part-time post-doc contracts afterwards), and that I sometimes had periods of discouragement (always working alone on a project is not ideal in this respect!), and/or periods when my passion for panoramic photography was a bit (too) out of control !! 😅

DatePersonal ‘publication’ activityActivities in chemistry
Sept. 2011Article idea related to Zeno’s Paradox + start of bibliographic researchunemployment
Oct. 2011 – Sept. 2012Project on breakFull time post-doc
Oct. 2012Resuming bibliographical research + Writing of 1st version.unemployment
Nov. 2013 – April 2014Project progress slowedFull time post-doc
March 2014Submission of 1st version to the journal ‘Foundations Of Science’unemployment
May 2014 Beginning of a 70% part-time post-doc
Oct. 2014Editor’s decision: refusal to publish (but with constructive feedback from reviewers) 
 => Work on additional bibliographical research + modifications and numerous additions for a 2nd version
April 2015Submission of 2nd version to the journal ‘Synthese’
Sept. 2015Editor’s decision: refusal to publish (main reason = manuscript too long),  but always with constructive feedback from the reviewers.Ending of a 70% part-time post-doc
Oct. 2015=> Work on additional bibliographical researchunemployment
Nov. 2015 – Jan. 2016 80% part-time post-doc
Fev. 2016 – April 2017=> Work on additional bibliographical research
+ Completely changed the structure of the manuscript: 1 ‘main publication 3rd version’ + 2 other publications as annexes.
April 2017main publication in the process of being corrected + start of drafting of one of the 2 annex publications
June 2017Submission of 3rd version to the journal ‘Synthese’ (refusal of review)
June 23 2017Submission of 3rd version to the journal ‘Foundations Of Science’
August 23 2017Acceptation with major changes
Sept. 30 2017Submission Revised Manuscript
Oct. 13 2017Acceptation with minor changes
Oct. 13 2017Submission 2nd Revised Manuscript
Oct. 20 2017Final acceptance
Nov. 8 2017On-line publication

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