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Tracking of HPS citations

Because the sites that reference citations to my research do not differentiate between citations to my earlier work in polymer chemistry and my more recent work in the history and philosophy of science (HPS), this is my list of citations restricted to HPS. For now it’s easy to compile since I only have one article to monitor.

-#-DateType of
TITLE of the documentAuthor(s)Publisher / JournalWeb
01Nov. 2019BookThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2019Edited by Mircea PiticiPrinceton University PressLinkpreview Google book
02July 2021ArticleLa natura del continuo e del mutamento nei paradossi di ZenonePaolo Bussotti
(University of Udine, Italy)
Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences (Brepolsonline)Link
03Sept. 2021PreprintNo mysterious motor driving time forward – Multiple paths of randomness toward time irreversibilityQiuping A. Wang,
Qiong Ye
(Université du Mans)
04Dec. 2021ArticleDiscrete optical Zeno effect for polarization of lightK.O. Sedykh and D.V. SychJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesLinkopen-access
05April 2022ArticleAristotle’s Solution to Zeno’s Arrow Paradox and its ImplicationsJohn M. Pemberton
(The London School of Economics and Political Science)
Ancient Philosophy Today
(Edinburgh University Press)
06June 2022ArticleZeno’s Paradoxes and the Viscous Friction ForceLeonardo Sioufi Fagundes dos Santos (Universidade Federal de São Paulo)Foundations of PhysicsLink
07July 2022ArticleDeus est silentium : Ficin, Pic de la Mirandole et l’itinerarium dialecticum ad UnumDonatella Bisconti
(Université Blaise Pascal)
Arzanà – Cahiers de littérature médiévale italienneLinkPDF on
08August 2022BookExploring Theological ParadoxesCyril Orji
(University of Dayton, Ohio)
Taylor & FrancisLinkpreview Google book
09May 2023BookLes présocratiquesSébastien Miravete (Université Toulouse II)Editions EllipsesLinkpreview Google book
10July 2023BookProcess Realism in PhysicsWilliam Penn (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)De GruyterLinkpreview Google book
11July 2023ArticleZeno’s paradoxes and the quantum microworld: What the aporias conveyKarpenko Ivan A. (Moscow City University; HSE University)Filozofija i drustvoLinkopen-access

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